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It all started with
his family singing in the car on road trips ...

Born in 1950 just down the road in San Marcos, Gregg has called Austin home since ’54. His first love for music came from his family singing in the car on road trips and from his father playing piano. Along with the Big Band style of dance music his parents listened to, he grew up with what his older brother and sister were tuned into on the radio.

Here when the Austin music scene started, Gregg was influenced early on by Jerry Jeff Walker, Michael Murphey, Gordon Lightfoot, Willis Alan Ramsey, B.W. Stevenson, etc. and later by Walter Hyatt (Uncle Walt's Band), Lyle Lovett and many more …

In his early 20s after playing and singing at a benefit, Gregg was asked by Agnes Curry, Director of Music at Huston Tillotson college to join her band Angie and the Sophisticats, which lasted a few months, and then he got himself a gig playing in a restaurant bar for a short time.

Moving forward a few decades, Gregg started back singing and playing in a co-worker’s garage band, became interested in writing his own songs and in 2011 joined up with the Austin Songwriters Group (ASG). Gregg now has the pleasure of spending his time songwriting, singing and playing his songs around Austin.

... and here we are.

Ted Herr – Mueller Neighborhood Front Porch Flyer

“beautiful melodies, finger-picking and a voice that has known the travails of life”
“The depth of the talent is unmistakable.”

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